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A few days ago we added a new feature to aqua tropical forum that will allow users to participate in different forum games. This option will allow us to give gifts to those who will win games and any competitions on our forum.

If you are interested in playing with us and have ideas, please join our forum and share your thoughts about games that you want to play. Everyone will get gifts once they joined ATF games. Good luck!

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Correct Water Temperature

It is an important to have good heater that turns off automatically when needed temperature is reached or turns on when temperature goes down. Most tropical fish prefer warm water, 75-80 Fahrenheit , 27-30 Celsius. Always check temperature on your thermometer because if the temperature is low, most of the time your fish won’t move, they will stay on the bottom of tank because their blood won’t warm them. You don’t want to see that. Make sure that you have good quality heater and filter.

The filter and heater are two of the most important things in your tank that must always work properly. Always keep in eye the water temperature.

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Aquarium Filters

There are lots of good filters but today we’ll talk only about one that will greatly benefit your fish. Here it is, 2 in 1 filter that filters water and gives oxygen that fish breath in. Many people have pumps that produce oxygen/bubbles without cleaning actual water. If you have a big tank, for instance 100 gallons than you should not get regular pump that provides just oxygen, because you want your tank to be always very clear. 2 in 1 is your choice if you have pretty big aquarium where water just adds weekly. This filter puts outside of your aquarium, on the back tank glass.

The plastic pipe that goes in water, sucks in the water, filters it through foam than through little bag of ammonia and carbon.
Only after going through all those pads water comes out of filter bringing helpful bio-bacteria and at the same way creates bubbles/oxygen for your fish and plants.

Next – water temperature.

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Aquarium Decorations

Another significant thing that every tank owner has to know is how to make an aquarium nicely decorated. Let’s see you have 10 gallon tank which is not that small and isn’t very big and of course you want to have some nice colors in there such as green – plants, red – rocks, wood, etc. It is not good idea to place all that without asking …Do I need it here or does it look nice here?

There are no specific advices what should be included in your tank. You are designer, you are the one that will enjoy tank. You have to make sure that everything fits in and that your fish have also enough space to swim. There are a few more significant things that you have to remember, first – good water filtration and correct water temperature.

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Step by Step to Set Up Your Tank

In this article we, team will discuss all aspects of correct aquarium setting. So please follow these steps and hopefully after a while you’ll understand everything about your future tank. So, let’s start

Your tank should not be too small, especially if you want to keep for example goldfish in group of three, four or more because this type of fish like space. If you want to keep smaller fish such as neons, guppies etc. you should not get a big tank for this type of fish because of it’s little size. Always know that tank size depends on fish size. O’k, now we got our tank, the next important step is to find a correct place for it. Now let’s think about how to place your future aquarium in your home. You must know in advance a place for your tank.

Once your is placed, it should not be moved to another part of your home. Why? Every time that you bother fish by cleaning your tank or by taking out your fish, fish are always in stress and of course it will change their mood or sometimes it can be even fatal for the fish. Know, if you got 20 gallon aquarium and put it on the table of your living room, it has to stay there unmoved until you move out.