What Freshwater Aquarium Fish Can I keep Together?

Many people ask us a lot of questions about:  what fish can I keep in my tank so no body will fight with each other? The answer is simple, there are many of compatible fish and today we’ll try to answer this question. If you have freshwater aquarium fish than we’ll give you a list of fish that can and can’t be kept in one tank,ok?

So lets start from cichlids and one of them is none agressive – Angelfish. Ok so lets see you have Angels, if you didn’t know they also belong to cichlid family, BUT they are not aggressive as their relatives. Angels can be easily kept with community fish like guppies, mollies, red sword tails, glownfish, catfish, cory fish, etc. Angelfish are peaceful and won’t make any problems for you unless you’ll have guppy or moly fry, than they’ll think that it’s food and they will definitely eat them.

Now let’s go to agressors. Under this goes African cichlids that are semi aggressive and more aggressive fish like Oscars, Jack Dampsey, etc. All of them must be kept away from community fish like we showed before and from others that aren’t that aggressive.  If you’ll have something like medium guppy and medium African cichlid in one tank than African one will start nipping your guppy and we’re sure you don’t want to see something like that. Please avoid that. Cichlids with cichlids, community fish with community fish.

If you have BETA fish in bigger tank than just bowl, than you’ll be able to have also red sword tails, black/silver mollies, angels, cat fish, cory fish, and other friendly fish. Please avoid all kinds of barbs because they’ll nip your beta and other fancy (with long fins) fish.

Goldfish can be also kept with community fish that we indicated above.

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Live Foods for Fresh/Saltwater Fish are Better than Dry

If you want your fish to grow faster that we will suggest you to feed them by live foods that every pet store carries. Why live foods? Th eanswer is simple, because you will see that your aquarium fish will be more active than previously, it’s a fact! Just think about it, let’s see you feed you goldfish by flakes and what’s going to happen? Your fish will not have those nice colors that regular goldfish has in Chinese lakes (originally Goldfish came from China).

It’s well known that once your fish will be fed on dry foods, I cal this food as “dead” food because dry food doesn’t have all those vitamins that live foods have., your fish color will become darker. Just check your self. Take afew pictures of your fish and compare after you will be done with this test. Feed your beta, goldfish ot any other fish by live blood or black worms for about two weeks and you will see results. Than switch to flakes or to any other dry foods and you will see results. So finally we wold like to give you an advice, if you want your fish to be in good health condition try to feed them by live foods and don’t forget to have a good filter, we hope you know why 🙂

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How to Feed Aquarium Fish?

You should feed your fish by different foods. The best foods are live ones because they make your fish to be more active and as a result healthier. Dry foods are also good, but in combination with live foods like blood or black worms. There are many fish that prefer to eat just dry foods and this is ok, you can’t do anything about that, than give them just dry foods.

There are lots of different dry foods, but the best one is flaked food, Nutrafin. Nutrafin includes everything that your fish need. It has plants, brine shrimps, blood/black worms and many other ingridients that will help your fish to feel pretty good. There are also lots of live foods, like blood/black worms, daphnia, brine shrimps, etc. In the morning give your fish live foods and at night let them eat flakes. This is the best way to feed your fish. Read more about how to feed your fish on our website at: http://aquatropicalfish.com/Feeding.html