Oddballs – Monster, Ancient Fish in Our Aquariums

There are many fish hobbyists that would like to keep this kind if fish in their tanks, but unfortunately not all can afford that. This types of fish need pretty big aquarium because if you’ll look at them, you’ll realize that they are really monsters. Don’t even try to compare this fish to something like cichlids. Even tough cichlids are aggressive fish and will eat smaller fish, but still they can’t compete with gigantic fish like Channa Micropeltes or Wolf fish because it’s just impossible.

It’s really difficult to see these monster fish in regular aquariums because most of these fish are illegal and can’t be kept in tanks. And here is the question, why not? Why shouldn’t I keep these fish? I will not breed it and let it live in the nearest river. But again this is illegal and may cause you a problem once discovered that specific kinds of these fish live in your aquarium. For example Snakehaed areĀ  illegal because they are causing big problems in maryland and virginia by killing smaller fish that are essential to environment.

But if you would like to have these fish in your aquarium, you have to make sure that you create the same environment like they have in wild, meaning that everything has to be the same in order to really enjoy these monster fish. I would also recommend you, once you got this fish, to feed them by real meat like beef, pork or if you can get small bass fish than it would be also great. You will not believe but once they feel the smelt of a victim, they will destroy it right away! Feeding fish like goldfish are not enough for their diet! Believe me.

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