Aquarium Filters

There are lots of good filters but today we’ll talk only about one that will greatly benefit your fish. Here it is, 2 in 1 filter that filters water and gives oxygen that fish breath in. Many people have pumps that produce oxygen/bubbles without cleaning actual water. If you have a big tank, for instance 100 gallons than you should not get regular pump that provides just oxygen, because you want your tank to be always very clear. 2 in 1 is your choice if you have pretty big aquarium where water just adds weekly. This filter puts outside of your aquarium, on the back tank glass.

The plastic pipe that goes in water, sucks in the water, filters it through foam than through little bag of ammonia and carbon.
Only after going through all those pads water comes out of filter bringing helpful bio-bacteria and at the same way creates bubbles/oxygen for your fish and plants.

Next – water temperature.

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