Live Foods for Fresh/Saltwater Fish are Better than Dry

If you want your fish to grow faster that we will suggest you to feed them by live foods that every pet store carries. Why live foods? Th eanswer is simple, because you will see that your aquarium fish will be more active than previously, it’s a fact! Just think about it, let’s see you feed you goldfish by flakes and what’s going to happen? Your fish will not have those nice colors that regular goldfish has in Chinese lakes (originally Goldfish came from China).

It’s well known that once your fish will be fed on dry foods, I cal this food as “dead” food because dry food doesn’t have all those vitamins that live foods have., your fish color will become darker. Just check your self. Take afew pictures of your fish and compare after you will be done with this test. Feed your beta, goldfish ot any other fish by live blood or black worms for about two weeks and you will see results. Than switch to flakes or to any other dry foods and you will see results. So finally we wold like to give you an advice, if you want your fish to be in good health condition try to feed them by live foods and don’t forget to have a good filter, we hope you know why 🙂

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