Step by Step to Set Up Your Tank

In this article we, team will discuss all aspects of correct aquarium setting. So please follow these steps and hopefully after a while you’ll understand everything about your future tank. So, let’s start

Your tank should not be too small, especially if you want to keep for example goldfish in group of three, four or more because this type of fish like space. If you want to keep smaller fish such as neons, guppies etc. you should not get a big tank for this type of fish because of it’s little size. Always know that tank size depends on fish size. O’k, now we got our tank, the next important step is to find a correct place for it. Now let’s think about how to place your future aquarium in your home. You must know in advance a place for your tank.

Once your is placed, it should not be moved to another part of your home. Why? Every time that you bother fish by cleaning your tank or by taking out your fish, fish are always in stress and of course it will change their mood or sometimes it can be even fatal for the fish. Know, if you got 20 gallon aquarium and put it on the table of your living room, it has to stay there unmoved until you move out.