Oxygen Levels in Aquarium

aqua-tropical-fish-oxygen-levelsThere are many factors as to why oxygen levels can drop in the aquarium water. Fish consume oxygen,plants use oxygen at night and even the beneficial filter bacteria need oxygen to thrive.Any rotting leaves in the tank need it in the decaying process. But how do we replace the oxygen and improve the Redox levels.
There are only two ways to replace this vital element:-
1. Surface Agitation
2. Plant Photosynthesis

It is a common misconception that when we run an airline in our tanks, it’s the air bubbles that add oxygen to the water, this is not true. The surface agitation that the air bubbles create absorbs the oxygen from the atmosphere. I have never run an airline in any aquarium that I have set up, I have found it more beneficial to use a spraybar from the filter pointed upwards towards the surface to create the agitation.

This is why the surface area of the aquarium plays a key role in the success of your tank, deep and narrow tanks struggle with this.

Article written by Mickey